NY·LON is a European neo-noir spy-thriller franchise created by Matt E Hudson and owned by Rear Window Films. The series follows the characters of Miles Fisher, a former agent of 'The Key' a clandestine organisation operating outside of the American intelligence network and a British secret service operative Serena Locke. 

The films are being produced to invigorate the spy thriller genre, moving away from the Brit-Flick scene and embodying the sixties and seventies cool of European cinema with stylish, suspense filled action thrillers. Three films are being produced, one per year, the first being NY·LON, followed by COUNTDOWN and then ZERO OPTIONS.

Tonally the films will set their own signature amongst the larger studio spy thrillers, with its cinematography paying homage to the auteurs of the new wave movement that changed cinema, as well as a tip of the hat to the films scores that made them unforgettable and iconic.

Each film brings a different premise to the series, deviating from the formulaic format commonly used by other film franchises, however the films will stand alone from each other despite the continuity of an overall story arc that runs as a thread throughout.

Production begins on the series of films in 2021, with the premise based in a contemporary setting, and filming due to commence in the summer of 2021.



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