Skyline New York



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Name: Unknown

Alias: FISHER, Miles

Age: 51

Height: 5ft 9    Weight: 175 Ibs    Eyes: Blue


Former KEY operative with New York station of the CIA. Miles Fisher was a prolific thief and conman, before his skill set was utilised by MI6 towards the end of the cold war. He was later seconded to the armed services where he achieved the rank of  sergeant before joining the SAS aged 31.  He was thrown out two years later and extradited to the Americans when found guilty of countless crimes of theft, black market fraud and forgery committed in New York.

He became the definitive Englishman in New York, when moved from a maximum security prison to be recruited by the CIA, to serve out his sentence working for them as a spy.  The CIA held is past and real name as leverage on file to ensure his loyalty.

Skillset: Proficient in hand to hand combat, small arms fire, escape techniques, intelligence collection,